H E L P  !

hello :-) on video.sites

in the video.archiv you can find the most of videos and fotos we publish on

choose "music" for music, "interview" for interview and go on and on and on . . .

to get the videos click the photos or text-links. maybe you can't see the videoclips because you need apple-QuickTime plug-in. you can easy get it - click here for QuickTime and download it for apple- macintosh and windows. if you are still working with QuickTime 4, please update, or you may have problems.

it's mostly streaming-video = you can look during download - if the video stops, wait always a while and then click 2x in the video or click > (play) again

with DSL you can see the videos in realtime-stream

with modem-conection you maybe get problems !!

tell us your problems - or what you like - thank's - e-mail  -  deutsche hilfe

plug-in !

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